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Nancy and Clarence Bohlander, Guardians - Our daughter has been a client @ DSI for the past 10 years.

She was diagnosed with diabetes almost 4 year ago. We have been pleased with her care, especially since the diabetes diagnosis - watching her weight, eating properly and exercising have been closely monitored by staff.

Carrie enjoys her group home and her Pre-Voc Services during the day. She has a very caring staff who are an important part of her life.

At Carrie's annual planning meeting we are as much a part of the team as her other service providers. We are able to voice concerns and make suggestions regarding current situations or new plans for our daughter.

Janice Deines, Pre-Vocational Supervisor - Diversified Services Incorporated is a great asset to Torrington and Goshen County. Providing a much needed service to people with developmental disabilities.

I have worked as a Pre-Vocational instructor for nine years. It is challenging and rewarding work with the persons we serve.

Thank you DSI for nine great years!

Melvina Hoffman, Participant - (When asked, "Melvina, How do like your group home?") "I love it! I love it! My staff are always here to help me!"

David Johnson, Participant - I like being at DSI, I like my house mates, we do fun things. I go to Bingo on Saturday nights. We go shopping, and I buy a lot of movies to watch at home. I'm going to Cheyenne Frontier Days on Saturday to see a concert. I work at recycling, it's hard and hot work but I like it.

Susan Mydland, Executive Director - Wyoming Guardianship Corporation - (excerpt from letter) At DSI, the wards I serve are treated with respect and dignity. They live in well maintained, homey residences with consistent, well trained staff. Their individual health needs are addressed in a timely manner and there is an emphasis on preventative care.

DSI staff keeps me well apprised to each ward's well being and specific needs. IPC planning is done in a person centered and well organized manner. Individual progress is well tracked and documented.

Carol Torres, Participant - I like to cook. I enjoy visiting with my friends. I go to church, bingo and out to eat with my favorite guy. I like my bedroom, I watch a lot of movies there. I also work on the job crew in the evenings. I enjoy living at DSI very much.